Q. Will my extended health care benefits cover the cost of my counselling sessions? 

  • Yes, in most cases counselling is covered under extended health care plans. Please check your individual plan under the paramedical section to see if you are covered. You will want to check how much coverage per person you have and what you insurance calendar year is. 

Q. What happens during the first counselling session? 

  • This session is an information gathering session. Much like a detective can’t solve a crime without all the clues from the case, a counsellor can’t help you reach your therapeutic goals without gathering various bits of information. This session is spent discussing: why you are attending counselling, past struggles you may have faced, family information, who your current support networks are, the ways you are currently dealing with your troubles, and the goals for therapy. Based on all this information I will be able to put a plan in place to get you back on track. 

Q. How soon can I come in for an appointment? 

  • I offer appointments during the day, evening, and on Saturdays in select locations. Depending on you schedule the goal is to see you within one week of registering. Evening appointments tend to be the first ones filled, so book early! 

Q. What is the length of a session and how many sessions will I need to attend? 

  • My sessions are 50min in length, which is the industry standard. The amount of sessions you attend will vary depending on your personal issues and your goals for therapy. Just as each one of us is as unique as our fingerprints no two people move through counselling the same way. Some clients complete therapy within just a few sessions and others gain tremendous benefits from longer term support.
    Clients that attend sessions on a weekly or bi-weekly bases to start tend to see benefits sooner then clients who come in less frequently. As you progress in counselling towards meeting your goals we will see each other less frequently. Once your goals are fully reached then you can call me on a as needed basis. This way we can quickly tackle new issues and get you back on track. 

Q. Is the information we talk about kept confidential? 

  • Yes. All information about you is kept strictly confidential. I will ensure that your information is kept within the strictest confidence. No information will leave your file without your approval and written consent. 

Q. Are you the right person to help me? 

  • Research has shown that a good “therapeutic fit” between the client and counsellor is the most important aspect for helping a client reach their goals and ultimately feel better. This is my philosophy as well. My work is optimistic, empathic, caring, and interactive. I will utilize your strengths to help you reach your goals. During the first session I will ask you questions and encourage you to ask me questions. This session will give you a good idea of what it is like to work with me and for you to be able to determine if we are a “good fit.”